Kisskids Company and Factory

KISSKIDS-Super Dry Diaper For Africa

About Us

● Having more than 20 decades of baby products experience, KISSKIDS was conceptualized with an idea to provide complete care to all African babies. Providing "Dryness, comfort, and joy all the time to babies" forms one of our most important core values.

● To do so we are in constant endeavors to bring to all African mothers' lives unique propositions using our continuous research and development process.

● KISSKIDS uses native, soft, comfortable, safe materials and accessories to detail our excellence with good quality referred to strict European industry standard. Nowadays, KISSKIDS has become the most popular and assured label for more and more families.

● KISSKIDS is committed to being the most powerful helper for parents to give their babies the best gifts since the date of birth. Once babies wear KISSKIDS diapers, they enjoy the freedom and joy just like birds flying high. All prove that KISSKIDS is the most suitable brand for baby's nature.