Kiss your kids
By @Olubukola Oladega | 29 July 2021 | 3 Comments

Kiss your kids

The joy of motherhood can't be over-emphasized. Nurturing lives inside life is a misery of God. I got to know I was carrying Twins in the 6th month of my pregnancy journey. The journey was a tough one, though I wouldn't scale through with complications mercy said no. With God, I scaled through with my babies.

Choosing a diaper was a tough one because have used so many diapers giving my baby rashes. I was in a market buying things so I saw Kisskids and I said let me give it a trial but ever since I started using Kisskids my Twins have been having wonderful sleep with no leakages. It has economic benefits. My husband endorsed Kisskids. It's a totally satisfying package. We love Kisskids.
@Olubukola Oladega

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